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LOOKING FOR TIRES? Zitterich Motorsports can get this done for you. We have connected with a few different tire warehouses in the Sioux Falls area in which allows us to purchase tires at a reasonable price. We understand that tires come at a very high price tag, so we do what we can to locate you a set of tires for the best price available, depending on your Budget, Need, and Warranty. The top brand we offer is the Toyo Extensa's, which come with a Manufacturer 50-60,000 Mile Defective Warranty, and are a great choice if you are looking for something that will last longer than 3-5 years. If you prefer another top brand, we can however shop around and get you prices on Hercules, Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Yokohama, or Michilin Tires. We pride ourselves on doing all we can to find you a good decent tire at the best price we can get. And, if you are simply looking for a cheap, economical tire to get you by for a short period of time - we can also get you the Delta Sentinel UN99's which are basically just a cheap tire. There are no manufacturer warranties with this tire, however, we do stamp them with our own Twelve(12) Month/12,000 Mile Guarantee to be free of defects. Any time during the first twelve months that you ha [.

Purchased this vehicle from the owner. We have serviced and replaced the Front Brake Pads/Rotors, Power Steering Pump, and Inspected. Great Vehicle to use around town to work and home. Looking to sell the vehicle for $1,600.00 or Best Offer. Call Mike Zitterich @ (605) 376-0527 or email him at

Purchased the vehicle in 2010 from the former owner. Since then, we have replaced the Engine, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Radiator, Tires, Serviced Drive Axle Shaft’s, Starter, Alternator, and Battery. The engine has 75,000 fewer miles than the vehicle, having been replaced in 2011 at the 161,250 mile marker. Would like to sell for $2,000.00 or Best Offer. For More Information – Call Mike Zitterich @ (605) 376-0527 or email him at

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Welcome to ZITTERICH AUTO SALES! This page is dedicated to all those individuals wishing to search a collection of used automobiles of which we BUY, SELL, or TRADE with our customers. It is our goal to only offer you those vehicles for sale that are in fair to good condition, and to find you the right vehicle that fits your needs. Whether you are looking to add another vehicle to your growing family, or you want to replace an already existing vehicle, or simply want to sell a vehicle no longer needed . We hope to offer you a wide selection of vehicles which will help you find exactly what you are looking for. See our full inventory and more vehicle details at We also allow our customers to advertise their own vehicles on our site for a month-to-month fee which costs $59.00 Per Month. These vehicles are not property of ZITTERICH AUTO SALES, and the Owner is responsible for the Sale or Transfer of the vehicle itself and the Paperwork required.

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We are conveniently located off of W Burnside Street
FIND US ON THE MAP CONTACT INFORMATION BUSINESS HOURS CUSTOMER SURVEY We would like to hear from you. We strive to make our service better and would like to know how we could make your experience more pleasant.

The Zitterich Family Gary & Julie Zitterich, Mike Zitterich, David & Stacy Zitterich, Angela & Joe Evenson, Justin Zitterich, Jennifer Yankello, Austin Olsen, Jocelyn Zitterich, Breanne Zitterich, and Jamison Zitterich

Gary & Julie Zitterich President & Vice-President

MEET OUR TEAM Gary was born on October 27, 1951 to Mary Zitterich-Anderson and Francis "Fritz" Zitterich. He graduated in 1969 from Washington High School and his hobbies include auto racing, camping, and traveling. 1989 IMCA National Series Chamion, 1998 Jackpot Junction Midwest Series Champion, Huset Speedway 360 Sprint Car Champion (1991, 1992), Red Devil Speedway (Hartford-SD) 360 Sprint Car Champion (1993).Julie married Gary Zitterich April 9, 1988, and has been a valued member of the Zitterich Motorsports family. Her role is to make sure everyone does their job and keeps everyone in line. She has served thirty (30) years in the South Dakota Air National Guard and has traveled all over the world to places such as Germany, Panama, and Hawaii. As the Vice President of Zitterich Auto Repair LLC - she is second in command of operations. Her hobbies include going Ca [...]
PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE...FOR LIFE! BG EPR™ Engine Performance Restoration™ is a powerhouse of an engine cleaner! It effectively softens, emulsifies and dissolves even the most stubborn fuel gums that clog rings. Modern engines operate at high temperatures. Combined with prolonged drain intervals and reduced engine cooling, automotive engine oil is under a lot of stress. Continuous thermal and oxidative breakdown contributes to oil thickening, heat retention and deposit formation. These heavy deposits can impede normal piston-ring function; thus reducing fuel economy, lowering power output, and increasing harmful exhaust emissions and oil consumption. BG EPR™ softens and dissolves hard-to-remove deposits from piston rings in as little as 10 minutes! Properly sealed combustion chambers improve compression and reduce oil dilution through blow-by. BG EPR™ cleans micro passageways to maintain the critical hydraulic function of components such as valve train actuators and turbochargers. BG EPR™ restores fuel economy and power and is harmless to seals and other engine components. Excellent for maintenance of Gasoline Direct Injection engines. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, SIMPLY REQUEST AT THE TIME OF YOUR NEXT OIL SERVICE A
ZITTERICH MOTORSPORTS Serving Sioux Falls and the entire Sioux Empire area, Zitterich Motorsports is your Complete Full Service Automotive Repair Facility. We offer all services ranging from the Basic Oil Change, to overhauling your engine. If your vehicle breaks down, we can fix it. We provide everything from excellent customer service to experienced and polite mechanics, and the most up to date Equipment and Tools necessary to service your vehicle. We use nothing less than Quality OEM Replacement Automotive Parts cause we take pride in our craftsmanship, and want to give you that peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will not leave you stranded along the roadside. Exceptional service is what we strive for to give to all of our customers what they deserve. We warranty all of our craftsmanship for up to twelve months to give you that extra satisfaction you demand. So, the next time your vehicle needs serviced, give us call. We are always just a phone call or email away. SERVICES BrakesComputer DiagnosticsTiresAlignmentsShocks & StrutsOil ChangesTune UpsFuel SystemsFactory MaintenanceOverhaulsSuspensionExhaust Systems O [...]
PROVIDING THE BEST FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Zitterich Motorsports was founded in 1979 by Gary Zitterich out of a one stall garage at his parents home in northwest Sioux Falls. What started as a hobby quickly grew into one of the most successful auto repair facilities in the area. The goal was not to become one of the biggest companies in South Dakota, but become a business that would build its customer base on the efforts of Loyalty, Customer Friendly Service, and Giving the Customer the best service at the best available price possible. zitterich-familyGary Zitterich came to be known as one of the best foreign auto mechanics in the Upper Midwest. After placing first in the City, and second in the Regional National Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest in 1969, he later took a job as a technician at Ryan Motors, now Billion Automotive. As he honed his skills as an auto mechanic while specializing in Datsun/Nissan, Honda, and Toyota's while later taking a job at UPS as a mechanic - he decided that he wanted to move on to the next challenge of his life; owning [...]
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