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Zitterich Motorsports can get this done for you. We have connected with a few different tire warehouses in the Sioux Falls area in which allows us to purchase tires at a reasonable price. We understand that tires come at a very high price tag, so we do what we can to locate you a set of tires for the best price available, depending on your Budget, Need, and Warranty. The top brand we offer is the Toyo Extensa’s, which come with a Manufacturer 50-60,000 Mile Defective Warranty, and are a great choice if you are looking for something that will last longer than 3-5 years. If you prefer another top brand, we can however shop around and get you prices on Hercules, Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Yokohama, or Michilin Tires. We pride ourselves on doing all we can to find you a good decent tire at the best price we can get.

And, if you are simply looking for a cheap, economical tire to get you by for a short period of time – we can also get you the Delta Sentinel UN99’s which are basically just a cheap tire. There are no manufacturer warranties with this tire, however, we do stamp them with our own Twelve(12) Month/12,000 Mile Guarantee to be free of defects. Any time during the first twelve months that you have a Flat Tire, Puncture, or simply need to repair that tire, that you hold onto the original invoice and present that to us at the time of service, and we will repair the tire(s) for Free. If for some reason we need to replace the tire within the same time period, we ask you to pay $7.50 Per Month Per Tire, for the amount of time you have used the tire from the original date of purchase. No warranties will be accept on any account that is past due, and No Warranty will be accepted without the original receipt of purchase. All warranty claims must be done at Zitterich Motorsports.



Tire SizeDeltaToyo

Toyo Extensa
50,000 or 65,000 Mile Manufacture Warranty
Comes with Complimentary Free Tire Repair Service as long as you bring the tires to us within the first twelve months.

Delta Sentinel UN99
Twelve(12) Month/12,000 Mile Warranty
Comes with Complimentary Free Tire Repair Service as long as you bring the tires to us within the first twelve months.

With Each Tire Sold – Zitterich Motorsports automatically offers our customers Free Complimentary Tire Repair for up to Twelve (12) Months from the Purchase Date. Included Flat Tires, Punctures due to Nail, Screws, Glass, and Potholes. All Repairs Must Be Done at Zitterich Motorsports, unless for events such as out of town – in which case we will reimburse you up to 25% of the repair Invoice by issuing a repair credit towards future repairs.

We also recommend that you rotate your tire’s every other oil change. If you purchase four (4) tires from us, we will offer you one free tire rotation!!! We Appreciate Your Business!

Upon replacing all four tires, we recommend you purchase a Wheel Alignment for $79.95 to protect your tires. We sublet this service to Meineke Car Care and can get this done for you if wish. It only ensures the proper wear and tear of your tires, and prolongs the life of your tires.

**Mount & Balance Fee Included in Price
**Upon Each Sale – We Charge a Disposal Fee of $4.00 EA
**6% Sales Tax is Applicable on all Sales
(If Your Tire Size is not Listed – Please Call Us For Price/Availability)


You may purchase an extended protection plan per each tire you buy for an extra $12.99 each. This is a limited program that covers you for the first 36 Months from the original purchase date.

What is covered:
  • Flat Tires
  • Punctures due to Nails
  • Screws
  • Glass
  • Potholes

As a compliment to you for purchasing this Protection Plan, we will also offer you One Free Wheel Balance to be done at anytime during the coverage period. We appreciate your business!!!

36 Month Prorated Coverage
  • Year #1 – 100% Reimbursement (up to the Original Cost of the Tire)
  • Year #2 – 50% Reimbursement (up to the original Cost of the Tire)
  • Year #3 – 25% Reimbursement (up to original cost of the Tire)

Special Instructions
In order to make a claim, you must visit the TechNet Auto 
Website to start the claim process. Any repairs must be done by Zitterich Motorsports, unless you are stranded on the road outside the City Limits. In those cases, visit the TechNet 
Website or Call 1-866-588-0728 to learn where to go and how to be reimbursed.

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